The Ancestor's Reach      OCT 2018


When the Pandaren were under the enslavement of the Mogu, a place they hide around is on this today landscape. Where druidism has happened and moral were reconstructed. The place was old and rebuilt. Unfortunately, the Mogu has found a way to invade their tomb to harvest their ancestor's soul for power. The alliance and the horde then compete for the honor to stop their invasion. 



This project was started with the purpose of exploring the workflow of World of Warcraft. Where all objects are handpainted with no normal maps. All I can rely on are albedo maps and a flat roughness map. All the texture are handpainted or generated. All models are very low poly but enhanced by hand painting. 


My idea is to have the monument in the middle surrounded by trees. Will have a few ways to go. It is a garden that was rebuilt and recreated to be more welcoming for the Pandaren.





Textures are usually painted, or else they are generated then handpainted.


The way I determine if a spot is too noisy or complicated is to turn all texture to white. This allows me to identify areas that is too crowded.

Short Grass
Old tiled floors
Fluffy Grass
Rocky soil
Tiled floor in tomb
Bark Texture
Whitestone side
Layered sand


Water Spline 


I created a tool that allows spline material to be automatically snapped. This can be used with foliage. In this case, I have decided to use this on water. It makes my life easier and allows myself to dynamically adjust within engine.


Texture Breakdown


The Distance to Nearest Surface node detects the closest surface of each vertex. I used this to make transform. To make math easy, I ensure to divide the number with a large number which gets the number towards 0. (Works both ways negative or positive number.) And then transform the vertex upwards. 
Vertor pivot position is enabled to allow extrusion, spawning one mesh between each extrusion.
Panner to created a water flow effect.
It only happens on Z, which is up and down.
Attach a spline material with a 3x3 plane. This plane can now be extruded in the engine . This gives me the control to create the path of water without going back to Maya.

Result :



Foliage Gallery




268 tris
21 tris
806 tris
468 tris
1228 tris
28 tris, 2 tris
226 tris
Flowers, plants, world populating foliage
Bamboo, bamboo root, "luckily family" fruit
Pine Tree
Foliage Grass
Skysphere painting




Dragon Turtle rock Statue 

868 polys / 1642 tris           1024p x 1024p (Only Base Color)