Animations for Game     



Animation implementation for games includes putting control over them to respond to the right blendshapes. I have also did some rigging and animating to impliment them fully. Belong demonstrates my workflow and how I have take advantage of them when implimented in games.

For Kindled Dreams

Here showcases the minimum rig of the main journeyman for me to animate the model for enough results. Here is my first attempt in rigging the model for the animation blueprint.

Animgraph allows a change of state of animation, I specifically use the anim graph for the jumping animation. Landmovement features a blendshape between 2 speeds. A jump has 3 animation including the kick, the fall, and the land


Control death: When health reaches 0, the death animation will play disabling all controller inputs.

When the animation detect the character on the air, it goes to the falling stage of the animBP.

Every tick the BP detect the speed the character is traveling. This allows a correct response to the blendshapes. 

Other animations

Animation happen before the boss (deleted)

The hamster NPCs are placed around to make the game feel alive. There is currently only one hamster that is instanced with different color around. It will say hi at a fixed time. This is achieved by the timer and repeat on the hamster NPC. When the hamster ball or your hand approach, it turns and faces you to say hi. This is currently a work in progress.



For FunkyBall 

A timeline was used to time the function, which executes saying hi. Then it reset after putting down its hands.



This part checks for collision, if it is the ball or your hand, it will take the position of your hand and attempt to get the look at the rotation. Then the hamster will interpolate from its original rotation to your hand's look at the rotation.



I took advantage of blendshapes in unreal to bring a smooth lerp from one action to another. Currently there is only one action, however this system can be expanded towards more actions.



The statemachine depended on the blueprint to send it information. When information was received, it fires to the action and back after a fixed time. This system is very simple and it can be branched out towards a lot of possibilities.