Circus in the Swamp     May 1st, 2019

For the Rookies' circus challenge of 2019, I have decided to compete. I was thinking of a small Caravan of Circus performer traveling around the swamp full of spores and mushrooms to find their desired audience. Nothing is without chaos however, what can be venturing around...
This project was completed in around 2 weeks.


Concept Development



I remember when I was young going through Circus Circus in Las Vegas and got lost, this memory stays with me forever. For me, Circus is a place of mystery and I believe that this is a very interesting concept to start with. 

I started up with a mood board, doing some image searching in WoW and Diablo 3 for their lighting and color variation. Darkmoon fair is a huge inspiration to me and a traveling caravan is what I had in mind to build up this mystery. I have decided to look into swampland filled with mushroom and foliage. Wanting to make a very unfamiliar. Here are some of my most important references:



Learning my environment, a bonfire is added to add focal point.