Funky Ball     on going

Chaos roams the town when one hamster has an insane idea to run around in a hamster ball. Using VR technology, we create a game using tilt to move the character around.  Explore the world of Hamster and cause damage around town while maintaining balance!



Jacob Harrington : Product Owner, Lead Designer

Leslie Leung : Lead Programmer

Eamonn Nung : LEad Tech artist and Programmer

Megan Reggie : Lead Artist

Nixon Poon : Outsourced Environment Artist




Concept developments

The game is about a hamster making an escape. I looked at a lot of zootopia and stylized game to figure out the color scheme and I have decided to go for something daytime bright and cartoony. Below are some of my early concepting to showcase the development now.



I decided to use RGB channels to my advantage to allow full range of customizations to the material. Lerping colors among Ambient Occlusion to get base color information, and using Blue channel as the highlight color. This allows me to create instance of different colors, giving the map variety. Substance designer is as of great help to achieve this.