My passion towards creating immersive environments comes from drawing. It is a habit for me to draw a page everyday just to explore new subject matters and drop down some instant ideas. My sketchbook are filled with environment and game setting design. It is a walking journal that I have decided to share as a part of me. I have gone into the habit of using unforgiving medium for my sketches, it helps to get idea straight out on paper instead of focusing on erasing like pencil would cause. This page will constantly be updated.

Recently I poured soy sauce on this page and it created some weird brownish effects. Pretty cool and unfortunate at the same time.

Did a quick study on some Japanese and Chinese architecture to find the significance of their building. It is full of symbolisms and can really explain hierarchy. It reminds me about Warcraft Mist of Pandaren Expansion, I learn to appreciate where their idea were bought into western audiences.

I came up with some of the most random idea for environments. I was hoping to create some of the most outranging impossible environmental condition that could be interesting for games. 

This page was dedicated to redraw the dream I had after playing Warhammer Vermintide II. I had a dream of myself becoming a Skaven and hell broke lost. I Proceed to recreate I remember before Bardon the Dwarf slashed me into pieces. It is during the mission Skittergate where we are suppose to defend the gate, but apparently it was the "Kritter Gate" in my dream version.

Heading 1

Shaman are the one that claim to have reached out of their own body into the divine reach of spiritual body in order to communicate with sprits themselves for guidances. Naturally according to American Indian legend, Shaman are those who also tell stories and lead tribes like warlords.

For the longest time that I didn't realize the differences between a mage, a druid and a shaman, I can only imagine a bunch of hooved animals against each other shamanic form. 

Highly inspired by Native American legend, and their stories told with symbolism, I can only image a shamanic war between warlords is going to be a bloody one. 

Shaman are not suppose to be hunter. However, they are such an identity that is a shame that they aren't warriors. When it comes to Shaman, it felt like a different level of monk from different religion. I took three random religion, Satanic, Celtic and Christian and created ability for their shaman. Although Druidic and Christian are very obvious, Satan in my mind is literally evil and darkness. I believe their shamans can transform into demons since reaching Satan would literally means doing worse for mankind. What kind of monster? My first thought : Horned, black figure demonic alien. 

I was taking a rest after graduation to absorb information to create a new environment. I was leaning towards creating a stylized environment. A few ideas pop up on my head about trees and landscape, they really set scales and explain depth.