Daily Barrel Tavern : A tavern in Thunder Bluff      Nov 2017


I have never seen a Tauren Tavern over my 12 years in World of Warcraft, the brave warriors of Thunder Bluff deserve a place to rest in and separate themselves from the constant battles.

My main goal of this project is to stylistic texturing. I attempted to create simple model with simple textures. Most lf the textures were done in Substance Painter. I avoid using Smart Materials and decided to hand paint them with a alphas. It is also when I notice the limitation of painting normals straight from painter. Therefore, many of the models are modified in Zbrush before color. 
The lighting is a battle. Many lights are there to intensify the pitch dark areas. However must also bare in mind that those static light shall not cover the shadows being casted by the bonfire. For some objects as dark as the lights, I have decided to pull out the AO map and add some emmisivity to it.  
I discover the power of substance painter and how it can create texture so quickly simply by masking method. It allows a design to remain its consistancy. It also allows a quick work flow. Within 15 weeks, I went from not knowing much of Unreal 4 to seeing the power that is automated by Unreal technology. 



Main layout objects / hero assets

Basic blockout with simple models

Fog added result: