June 2018

A traveling apprentice journeyman travels the lands from the call of the Elder Shaman and purges the land of curseful music. Only to realize a more twisted truth within. This game is inspired by mostly native Indonesian and Noris cultures. Experimented with neon color pallets and simple texture with intensive foliages.

Game Trailer 




Project Leader: Charlie Foreman

Main Programmer: Parker Old

Art Lead : Kristine Houston

Main Game designer : Nixon Poon

Character Artist  (Post Art lead) : Adrianne Munoz

Main Environment Brandon Keeney Artist :

Environment Artist : Shaine Garcia 

Jordan Denton : Sound Designer

Aren Blondal : Composer

Environment Reel

I am responsible for set dressing and lighting all parts of environments,  this demo demonstrates an overview of the whole game.




The village is the pearl of the whole game. My idea is that this is a normal village that was the edge of a canyon, the entrance to the city. I looked at some Japanese garden and have decided to take their idea of nature blend into the village. Covered with trees and water flowing. Where flower blossoms and rich with vegetation.
Original Lighting:
Enhanced and idea changed:
First Term:
We start texturing and place vegitation around to populate the area. The color of vegitation are bright almost glowing to guide player throught the level. What was lacking on here is the lighting and we know that the pedestal has to be highlighted by magnificent light. The whole map start up with only blue and although it has its style, it has no sense of direction simple because it lacks light. It also doesn't make sense to have the moon shining like that and everything dark like this. Therefore we start mixing some reds and purple variations into the environment.
To achieve this light cone effect. I modeled the shape of the cone and created a foggy material. The cone is not a light effect but it is a material that simply looks like light that shines upon the pedestle.  
The team has a lot of ideas when it comes to lighting but in the end I have decided that since foliages are fileld with warm color, the surround should be cold. It is the idea of walking into comfort zone. The original final result is diabolically comfortable.
The whole team at the end worked on small details such as particles to ensure it has the best result. At the end we have decided that a daytime is better suit for what we like.


User Interface
The Erhu is a Chinese Violin. In the game, it is a projectile shooter. Hold longer will have a 2 direction projectiles launch that also spawns 2 traps on the floor. These traps are poison that build up damage slowly to the enemies.
The gong creates a large devastating sound that explodes and knocks enemy backward by launching them. However, launching doesn't work the way we think it works in Unreal 4, we have to transform the enemy upwards before launching because of game friction.
The flute is a sprint that allows the player to get to places further than they can. It leaves a trail behind and do damage to enemy that the player hit by knocking them backward.
Combination builder:
The game has a combination system that whenever you use a skill, it will be marked. A certain pattern will result in a sub skill that does powerful damage. We track it with an array and draw the right instrument by communicating with the UI blueprint.
Health Bar:
It is a musical bar that represents the health. 
The pumping heart sprite:
The pumping heart sprite is another health indication, the sprite refreshes faster when lower health. We have decided to put both the health bar and the heart in as it give has appealing visuals.