June 2018

A traveling apprentice journeyman travels the lands from the call of the Elder Shaman and purges the land of curseful music. Only to realize a more twisted truth within. This game is inspired by mostly native Indonesian and Noris cultures. Experimented with neon color pallets and simple texture with intensive foliages.

Game Trailer 


Project Leader: Charlie Foreman

Main Programmer: Parker Old

Art Lead : Kristine Houston

Main Game designer : Nixon Poon

Character Artist  (Post Art lead) : Adrianne Munoz

Main Environment Brandon Keeney Artist :

Environment Artist : Shaine Garcia 

Jordan Denton : Sound Designer

Aren Blondal : Composer




Here showcases the minimum rig of the main journeyman for me to animate the model for enough results. Here is my first attempt in rigging the model for the animation blueprint.



Animgraph allows a change of state of animation, I specifically use the anim graph for the jumping animation. Landmovement features a blendshape between 2 speeds. A jump has 3 animation including the kick, the fall, and the land

Control death: When health reaches 0, the death animation will play disabling all controller inputs.

When the animation detect the character on the air, it goes to the falling stage of the animBP.

Every tick the BP detect the speed the character is traveling. This allows a correct response to the blendshapes. 

Other animations

Animation happen before the boss (deleted)

Stand up animation at the beginning of the game

Flying Skull Animation

Hopper Movement




I am responsible for programming the core mechanics of the game. The player has three skills that cycles around, a pea shot, sprint and an explosion. These skill is the combat of the game. 

Pea Shooter

When holding down, a timer starts to count down how long you pressed on it. Holding longer than 1 second will allow a charge attack that shoots 2 projectiles.

If the hold down is less than 1 second, the projectile will shoot normal musical note.

We restrained the angle in which the player is able to shoot to avoid odd shooting angle such as towards the floor. We clamp the number between 45 to 135.

The projectile will get the direction the character is aiming and transform forward before shooting. This will avoid the projectile from touching the player him/herself.

This determines which projectile will be shot base on hold time. We store the value that the player hold down and multiply the damage output. Clamped. 

For normal note shot, once it hits something, a particle will spawn and destroy actor.

A decal spawns a rune that will damage the character over time. A timer is used to calculate the time. A constant sphere trace was placed and trace every third of the second. Every time it detects the enemy will trigger a message towards the damage BPI of the enemy.

Instead of using collision, I use spheretrace every tick to determine where the projectile is. The reason is that the spheretrace return the angle of which the note hit. It is used to place a decal base on the angle so that it won't deform.


When shift was hit, it launches the character forward for half a second and then stops immediately. The result will be the character flying on mid-air.

A spheretrace will continue tracing every tick to track which enemy the player hits.

Extra code features here that it spawns a little sphere of effect every 0.25 second to make an effect of wind trail.

Gong Explosion

When right mouse clicked, sphere traces immediately and spawn a sphere that enlarge to create a blast effect.

To ensure the enemy are pushed back from the player, we make sure that we add impluse upwards.