The burn of Shaman Totem      June 28, 2018


The legacy of Taurens are very uncertain. Players only get a gleams of them as they are introduced to Claire Bloodhoove. However, their power and fragments remains in the loney land of the Barrens. This power, extinguished. Their history fade from the embers through the winds.







1654 polys

3308 tris

Zbrush Original

Zbrush after burnt

In construction script I allow myself to adjust different parameter that is directly towards the totem to have a live preview of the totem animation .

The map on the left was painted in substance painter. It is a guide for how the fire will burn. As an if statement slowly lerp through the darkest color to the brightest to create this transition effect.

Here lies all the control parameter that matter. Plus a master control that will drive a lerp that preview everything.

Afterburn is the glow that was created after the fire burnt. This value controls the amount it can glow and how it decays.

Color change darkens the border when burnt. it was mostly controlled by a delay that is a division.

Cinematic Setup

The particle will start to appear one by one. A delay between each other was created to ensure this effect happens.

Deactivate all particles and have them spawn to spot. A time line start running for the bolt to strike.

At the end, deactivate particles.

Rock impulse 

The impulse node takes in the direction and the amount that the rock will launch

Location vector of rock   


Location vector of shaman totem


direction of impact


Normalize to neutralize value

(or else further rocks have bigger vector value)


The direction of impact X parameter 

Strength of launch



Grass bend and wind

Add wind to get more movement from the grass.


Get direction vector so that it bends towards that direction


The impact closer will result bigger. However, the direction vector doesn't reflect that. To invert this value. I minus the direction vector with a universal max number.



Particle Gallery

Fire smoke


Explosion with sparks


Atmospheric sparks


Stylized explosion


SubUV Fire


Vector field generated with Maya's fluid simulation. Exported with MelScript