Water Spline tool


I utlized spline tool in Unreal 4 to make water fall. Simple Spline still has a lot of problem concerning bending them and have them the right way. I found this annoying and I have took this a little bit further, making this a more universal tool later.

For Ancestor's reach

Taken inspiration from Talardor and how they handle water. I have decided to create a water spline material to avoid any additional headache to model the water and UVing them, a way that I developed is to create a spline mesh and allow a current flow in the direction of the spline. The most important node that we will use is called "DistanceToNearestSurface" node. This node return RGB value of the closest static they can detect from each vertex.


I start by creating a 3 by 3 poly plane so that it can deform a little. Deformation is what allow me to get curves and dimensionality on the water.


We don't want it to stretch at X and Y. However, we need to make sure that it only transform in Z, up and down. This allows me to create something slightly more dimensional than flat. It also allows the plane to snap into the plane lower than the object we place. By dividing a big number, we can get any number very close to 0. Touching the surface but floating on top gives the water fall dimension. This allows the plane to always appear on top of any surfaces. 

After that, we have to create a blueprint that takes in a spline mesh. A spline mesh deforms the object base on the spline we set. I used the tutorial :




It allows me to extend and extrude the planes from its point. These points are adjustable and because the plane snaps onto the surface it detects automatically, you get a result of a adjustable water pipeline.

Result :