Draw 101

Students enhance observational drawing skills and produce work from imagination in linear perspective through research and experimentation with technique and media. Students refine the use of black-and-white media, learn to use color media, and skillfully integrate content, concept and composition. Prerequisite(s): DRAW 100.

Transfer for:​ Drawing fundamentals 1

ITGM 333

3-D concept artists create complex organic models to populate the imagined worlds of video games, 3-D animations and visual effects. In this course, students cultivate digital sculpting skills as they produce realistic character and creature sculpts with aesthetic appeal, mood and texture using 2-D and 3-D editing, painting and sculpting technologies. Prerequisite(s): VSFX 210 or ITGM 236 or ANIM 249.

Transfer for:​ Character Sculpture 1

ITGM 346

From amorphous creatures to warrior princesses, character artists drive the visual and emotional quality of games. In this course, students produce 3-D character and creature models for integration into production applications and complex workflows for optimization. Students learn to incorporate 2-D texturing and rendering, re-topology, UV and high resolution digital sculpting applications to create organic models. Prerequisite(s): ITGM 333.

Transfer for:​ Digital Sculpting

ITGM 256

Students explore, apply and discuss the core principles of game design, including the game space, game mechanics, the game player and the design decisions that create the game state. Through in-class game play and game design exercises, students examine the design process needed to build today’s games. Through the exploration of player agency, immersion, structures of goals, challenges, pacing, encounters, quests, puzzles, conflicts and rewards, students learn the rules of play and apply those principles to in-class game design projects. Prerequisite(s): ITGM 120 or ITGM 121, ITGM 130 or BREN 200.

Transfer for:​ Game Design

ANIM 250

Topics covered throughout this course include the theories of 3-D space, object modeling, procedures for texture mapping, lighting and rendering. Students learn how to construct digital 3-D models of character and environment. Prerequisite(s): CMPA 100 or CMPA 110.

Transfer for:​ Intro to 3D in Maya